Every now and then, a change is needed.  No matter how big or small, it’s liberating to finally take a step towards hopefully bigger and better things.  After months of mulling over it, the time has come to part ways with this here blog and start anew.

It’s been a fun 3/4 years using this as an outlet  to write and share various photos, lust lists, thoughts, music, shorts, etc.  To those who have put up with my random musings on here, thank you.  I’ll be sure to share where my next home will be but for now, I bid farewell in the only fashion I see fit:

Obviously have to add a few more random songs for good measure.

The new issue of INK (entitled “The Heat Issue”) is out and certainly worth the read.  Be sure to check out my interviews with  jewelry designer Sandee Shin of Armor Jewelry (page 13) and photographer/ homie g  Heather Noelle (page 18).  Click on the cover image below to scope out the whole issue.

The music mood lately has been quite mellow resulting in some old, unexpected choices.

Mazzy Star – “Into Dust”
So Tonight That I Might See is an incredible album.  One I always have to listen to from start to finish.

The Sundays – “Here’s Where the Story Ends”

Talk Talk – “I Believe In You”
If you’ve never listened to Talk Talk, I highly recommend listening to Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock.  Although they are mostly know for their pop 80s sound, their last two albums really showcase how talented they were.

The Stone Roses – “I Wanna Be Adored”

Emiliana Torrini – “Snow”

Bon Iver – “Can’t Make You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt Cover)
Absolutely beautiful.  I love the original but this is just…wow.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that I’m borderline jewelry obsessed.  No, I’m not talking in the “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sense.  I’m talking chunky, costumey, borderline tacky (but not quite) pieces that appeal to my longing to have been around during the 70s.

It should come as no surprise that the F/W ’11 collection by TOMTOM Jewelry (appropriately titled “Future 70s”) currently holds a place in my jewel-loving heart.

Favorite Pieces:

(images via TOMTOM Jewelry)

1.  Future in Retrograde Necklace (Agate)
2.  Pyramid Studder Cuff
3.  Chevron Negative Space Ring

Happy 4th of July everyone!

(image via wikipedia)

Wishing I was lounging on the beach in one of my fave swimsuits but alas, the rooftop will have to suffice.

(left: Urban Outfitters / top: Zac Posen x Target / right: Urban Outfitters)

And just because fireworks are a big part of the 4th of July festivities, I leave you with Katy Perry’s “Firework” and for those wanting to get their dance on, Kelis’s “4th of July (Fireworks).

It’s official.  I’m completely sold on what BLK DMN has going for them.  They’ve assembled a great mix of women’s clothing that is easily mix and matchable while sticking to the basics.  Every female should have a great pair of trousers, an amazing pair of jeans, and a fierce leather jacket.  I highly suggest checking out their website (www.blkdnm.com) or if you’re in NY, making a trip to Pop1 (which I still need to do…eep) at 237 Lafayette St.  For the fellows, do not fret because they have some bangin menswear as well.

(images via BLK DNM)

Rapha Continental – The Movie by RAPHA
I would love to do this one day.

“Use Somebody” by Inti Calfat
A great cover of “Use Somebody” is used in this film.


A Love Story…In Milk by Catsnake
Cute, sad, and has a good message at the end.

Princeton Feat. Active Child – “The Electrician” by Hit City USA
Be warned, there is some violence at the end of this.

Periodically it seems as though I fall off the face of the planet/this blog without any type of warning.  This time around, it’s been for an exciting reason.  In past posts, I’ve plugged performances for Khorikos, the choral ensemble I’m in.  This week we’ve had the pleasure of going on a mini tour of sorts to perform the debut of “A Melancholy Beauty.”

It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to perform in 3 amazing performance spaces for the debut, which are The Kennedy Center in DC, Wang Theater in Boston (grew up seeing performances there), and Lincoln Center (crazy!!).

For those interested in learning more about “A melancholy Beauty,” check out these articles from The Washington Post and Boston Herald:



For anyone interested in catching the last two performances, info and tickets are available through the Song of Life Website at www.songsoflife.org.

Also, here are some crappy cell phone pics from the stage during rehearsal at the JFK Center in DC.  Totally had to happen. Oh my word, what a crazy week it has been.

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending?

Fun summer song.

This one speaks for itself.


If you are one of the few who work with me, you’ve probably heard be bring up at one point or another the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes from her last collection and my longing for them.  Well lo and behold, look what has finally gone on sale…

Looks like the lusting will soon end.  Very rarely do I actually purchase things on my lust list but based on how long and how often I’ve looked at these shoes, it’s about time to take the plunge.  Now for the hard part…which pair to actually get with those hard-earned dollars.


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