I suppose this is the beginning of what will hopefully be an interesting new mini project of sorts. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while so it only seemed appropriate to do so during this point in time. With only a year and a half left in college, this will be an interesting way to document a lot of what is going on as I approach that time in which one has to become part of the “real world.” My mission in life is hopefully to have as much fun as possible and have a job (hopefully in the music business) that I love and am passionate about. That’s enough about me. I’ll end this post with two videos I came across the other day. The first is very Alice in Wonderland and the second is just really disturbing if you pay attention to what’s being said as well as the reactions to the statements.

MAC meets Hello Kitty

Creepy Yet Effective Anti-Child Abuse Ad – Watch more Funny Videos