Efterklang‘s new album is going to he AMAZING. Peter Broderick at the very beginning of Dandies = amazing. His voice is amazing. On the second video, the ending of “Loose Ends” is fantastic. I can’t wait for Efterklang’s next US tour and to get my hands on the new album when it is finally recorded.

Tomorrow aka tonight is the belated New York birthday outing with wonderful school and city friends. What an enjoyable time it shall be.

A Macbook could also possibly be in my possession in the near future. Hello to finally being able to record tunes, utilize the ability to ichat and also a much more reliable computer. I’m onto my second laptop within a 4 year period and it sounds like it’s about to crash and burn any day now from the overload of stuff on it. Hopefully this does not occur for another 4 weeks as is post finals.