I’ve done a terrible job of updating this as much as I would have liked. It doesn’t really make sense writing updates where there hasn’t been much to update on however. The only news that relevant thus far is that I shall be the proud owner of a new digital SLR very soon. Developing film is an expensive task and it’d be nice to have a better camera for London. Also, Pitchfork is in less that a week.

Artist/bands I’m excited to finally see live (in no particular order):
Yo La Tengo
Built to Spill
The National
The Walkmen
The Black Lips

There are others but I think these are the main ones out of everyone slated to play. I’m really excited to finally see Yo La Tengo live after trying to see them for years and always missing them whenever they were playing in NY. Hopefully I’ll have photos next week from Pitchfork.