I’ve found my new favorite french quote of the moment which happens to be printed on a t-shirt.

“Moi, je veux te dire que je ne te quitterai jamais. Et puis, si tu es triste, je pourrais toujours te donner un peu d’alcool pour te rechauffer le couer.”

It roughly translates to, “I would like to tell you that I will never leave you. And ever, if you are sad, I’ll always give you a bit of alcohol to warm your heart again.”

Who wouldn’t want a person like this in their life when things get tough. It’s a cute quote.

I’ll end with some long overdue Pitchfork photos. I managed to see just about everyone I wanted to give or take 1-2 bands. Bands featured in the photos are Fucked Up, M83, and the Flaming Lips (who put on an AMAZING set). I have more photos featuring other bands but these are some of my favorites from the weekend. Enjoy.