It was just by chance that I happened to stumble into Unto This Last with a few friends a few weeks ago and boy did it make me wish I had my own apartment. With two locations in London, Unto This Last is the perfect place to find amazing furniture pieces that fit more of an avant garde, experimental, or even industrial style. On top of all this, both locations also serve as workspaces. When I went into the Brick Lane store, through a glass window situated behind the register, one of the sales clerks would be at work with the power-tools when not helping customers. Here are oh my favorites:

Coat Rack
CD/DVD Shelves

Floor Lamp

Coffee Table
Storage Cabinet

While I was there, I purchased 2 of these:

If anyone would like to see more, here’s the link to the website:
There is a lot more amazing furniture on there.

Cheers to all.