Last weekend, I was invited by the PPR staff to attend School Disco.  They worked on the 10th Anniversary 3-disc compilation album for the club and as a result, we were all invited to attend the 10th Annivarsary club night plus given guest list spots for ourselves and an unlimited amount of friends. School Disco, for those who don’t know what it is, is a club night where you have to dress up in school attire whether it be a student uniform (pleated skirt/trousers, knee highs, white button down), as a headmaster/head mistress, or a librarian.  If you show up not dressed in the proper attire, you won’t be let in.  It’s crazy how strict they are about the theme.  It’s basically an excuse to get dressed up for no reason, relive the high school/secondary school days, hit up the club, and listen to 80s music with some random 90s artists thrown in.  I recall hearing Nirvana and the Spice Girls during the night as well as S Club 7.

I attended the event with two friends from Uni and even though we were a bit uncertain about it, free is  still free considering the cover at the door is roughly equivalent to around $25.  People were very much into the theme and made us feel a bit underdressed.  Overall though, it was a great night and I was left with some nice commentary on my t-shirt.  “You’re the bravest!” is still my favorite one.