I saw this today and it kind of struck a chord with me in some ways.  I’ve prided myself on being overly optimistic about pretty much all aspects of life.  When things don’t end up going my way or I don’t end up getting that one thing I was going for, I blame it on fate and the idea that it wasn’t meant to be however, as I’ve grown over the last few months, I’ve started to wonder whether or not thing is a healthy way to think.
Should I sit and wait and leave things up to fate?  What if fate isn’t even on my side?  What types of opportunities have I potentially missed out on waiting for them to occur instead of taking the initiative and seeking them out for myself?
Today is just one of those days in which a lot of questions are just running through my mind.  With graduation not too far off, there is also the question of what the future will hold, what I want to do after graduation, whether or not I want to stay in NY, and if I do move, where will I move to.
A lot of food for thought.