With another weekend already in our midst, it seemed about right to finally get around to a picture overload from last weekend.  As I mentioned two entries ago, I had quite the random weekend or Saturday to be specific.  The day started with a trip to Union Square where I took some photos at the annual Pillow Fight.  It was an awesome time and I loved watching how much fun everyone was having.  Here are a few pictures from it:

After leaving the Pillow Fight, I met up with one of my friend’s for a mini hang out session and headed home.  As I was walking towards my apartment, I heard live music coming from across the street and me being the person that I am, when I hear something I like, I have to find out what it is.  Dropping everything off into my apartment, my search began and I ended up stumbling upon two people with the same plan.  Long story short, we found the source of the music which was in the backyard of one of the apartment buildings and we managed to catch the last three bands playing who were Bellys, The Spooks, and Bare Wires.  All three were awesome and put on a great set.  Here are a few pictures of the bands as well as links to their music:

Bellys: http://www.myspace.com/ilovebellys

The Spooks: http://www.myspace.com/spooksquares

Bare Wires: http://www.myspace.com/thebarewires

Overall, it was a really good random Saturday.  The randomness is one of the reasons I love New York.

I hope some of you enjoy the bands.