I pass by these “Paper Fashions” almost every single day during my walks before work.  After weeks of contemplating taking pictures of them, I finally got around to doing so using my trusty cell phone.  It’s hard not to stop and look at them in passing, which I am guilty of doing repeatedly in an effort to examine some of the details in each dress and also fawn over how amazing the ones by Frank Tell and Rubin Chapelle are.  At first glance, it’d he hard to tell both are made out of paper.

If anyone is interested in seeing any of these in person, the window display is located on the SW corner of 74th and 3rd.

“Lola” By Maria Pinto 2009

(Made with Japanese handmade paper)

“Tsubasa” by Frank Tell 2009  //  “Untitled” by Rubin Chapelle

(Made with silver paper   //   Made with valium paper strips)