Nail polish and I have never been a good combination for as long as I can remember.  Years of trying various hues and shades led me to believe that those atomic reds, sea foam greens, and sunshine yellows are just not for me (a belief that also stems from my dislike for certain things that are ultra girly).  After browsing the Nasty Gal blog, I came across what will probably make me put aside my issues with nail polish and make me actually want to sport colorful nails on a daily basis.  What makes this polish different?  The fact that is changes color based on mood and changes in body temperature.  Possibly one of the coolest things ever.  My eleven year old self geeked out when I saw this and being someone who owned quite a few mood rings back in the day, color changing mood polish is right up my alley.  Thank you Mood Polish for allowing my pre-pubescent self to come forth and for pretty much making my day.

(image via Nasty Gal)

Here’s the description from the website:

Welcome to the fun and whimsical world of mood changing nail polish with the introduction of a special new nail color brand called in the mood, Finally, a nail polish that will reflect our inner hysteria! Don’t worry – you’re not crazy, but your nail polish, on the other hand, could be described as … unstable. These playful nail polishes change color based on your body temperature, your mood, the heat of your latte… or, of course, the chill of your iced coffee! And they will continue changing back and forth as long as your wear them. Cool swim in the ocean? Warm subway ride? Frigid morning run? Sitting under the hair dryer at the salon? Amuse yourself by guessing what shade your delightfully bi-polar nail polish will be at any given moment!

Sticking with the topic of nail polish, Nylon Magazine‘s website recently featured BYS‘s “Cracked,” complete with polish that cracks when it dries.  Ultimately, the final look is that of a “cracked” glass.  The idea behind is also pretty enticing to me and worth the try.  Although Halloween is months away, it sounds perfect for any witch costume.