This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to DC/Virginia to visit two awesome friends and also fulfill my wish of seeing Cap’n Jazz live in concert.  I started listening to them when I was about 15/16 when an old friend introduced me to their music.  Soon after, I was hooked and also began listening to the numerous offspring of the original line-up after their disbandment in 1995.  My favorites are Owen, American Football, The Promise Ring, and Joan of Arc but I still listen to Owls and also Ghosts and Vodka from time to time.  It’s crazy to think that I still listen to pretty much all of these bands seven years after being first told about Cap’n Jazz.  Their performance at the Black Cat in DC was AMAZING and I can now happily cross that concert dream off my list.

Here is an old school video of them performing “Oh Messy Life”:

Besides seeing Cap’n Jazz, the highlights of the weekend included:

1.  Drinking this delicious 18oz $4 strawberry margarita

2. Playing with this adorable cat

3. Hanging out with John (whom I missed dearly) and Chad (whom I was able to get to know a lot better).

4.  The following license plate.

5.  Bazaar Atlas which I need to return to.  I have a post drafted which will be dedicated to the store and how amazing it is so expect that soon.