Bazaar Atlas is exactly what one would expect based on the name of the shop alone.  It is a “bazaar” mixture of jewelery, furniture, and decor from all over the world.  Much of it is predominantly African and Asian.

During my trip to DC, my friends and I entered the shop literally on a whim due to a power outage that shut down half of the block. As we were venturing down the road, contemplating where our next stop should be, we noticed some amazing Moroccan rugs hanging over the stairway leading up to Bazaar Atlas.  Clearly, the store needed to be checked out. Although the prices were jaw dropping (take note of the $999 price tag on the mask my friend is wearing in one of the pictures below), it is one of those store you enter and immediately feel the need to touch, play with, and buy everything.  If I one day acquire an excessive amount disposable income and a place of my own to fully decorate, Bazaar Atlas will be one of my prime destinations to acquire some amazing standout pieces.  I’ll be sure to purchase a few drums, statues, and one of the gorgeous engraved wooden shelves.

Bazaar Atlas is located at 2405 18th Street NW in Washington, DC.  If anyone feels like inquiring from them about any items, the telephone number for the store is 202-332-4911.