I apologize for the recent decline in the amount of posts I’ve been making but there is a very good reason for it.  On September 8th, I will be heading to Europe for two weeks and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been longing to go back since I returned in January and a part of me also wishes I had just graduated from the Uni I attended while I was there or moved back right after graduation.  That aside, it will be exciting to see friends and go to some of my favorite places in London.

Besides heading to England, I will also be making stops in Denmark and Finland.  The waiting is unbearable and I still have so much planning to do for the trip.  I don’t even fully have the words to convey how amped I am about this.  I’ll end with a list of what I want to do while I’m in London so here goes:

1.  Go to my favorite hole-in-the-wall book store call “The Bookstore”
2.  Hit up Hawley Arms and The Good Mixer (oh the memories) and order a pint of Strongbow
3.  A bit of shopping at Camden Market and Portobello Market
4.  Make a stop at Miss Selfridge
5.  Walk down Columbia Road for the Flower Market (I love the smell of plants)
6.  Visit my old bosses at PPR Publicity

This is my small list and doesn’t include what I want to do in Denmark and Finland since that will be a totally new experience and one I’m so excited about.  Going to Copenhagen has been on my destination list for a while.  I will be sure to take and post tons of pictures of my adventures abroad since my camera will pretty much be at my side 24/7 so the countdown to Europe has officially begun.

Edit:  I also realized after booking my flights a few weeks ago that I will be missing Fashion’s Night Out again this year.  Tis unfortunate since I missed the festivities last year but tis the price I have to pay.  To anyone attending any of the events, let me know how they are.