I can’t believe my vacation has just about come to an end.  In a few short hours, I will be on a plane back to the states.  I’m not fully ready to go back to the realities of life, but unfortunately, one can only get so far without any type of income coming in.

I’ve spent the last few days in England, spending 2 of them in Leeds with family.  During my time in London, successful trips were made to a few of my favorite places such as Columbia Road (except my favorite book store wasn’t open which was a bummer) and Brick Lane.  Sadly, no Camden trip was made.  It will be my first destination upon my return probably sometime next year.  I also went to some of the exhibitions for the London Design Festival and Anti Design Festival which featured some really interesting exhibits.  I’ll be sure to post a few pictures from them.  All in all, I had an amazing two weeks meeting new people, seeing lovely friends, exploring new cities, and becoming reacquainted with old ones.  Europe, I shall return soon.