There are a lot of new things in the works that I’m really excited to be sharing soon with those of you who still read and follow my blog.  Before I can spill the beans just yet, I will say, part of it resulted in this picture being taken of myself and the lovely Reb Carlson who will be my partner in crime for a new venture.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Sinding of the Seattle-based blog, Le 21ème Arrondissement.  I had been following his blog for a few months and upon reading about his upcoming trip to New York, I jumped at the opportunity to set up a meeting of sorts to chat a little bit about what he does.  Our discussion ranged from such topics as the differences between New York and Seattle, fashion trends, coffee, and his blog.  For those who haven’t checked his blog out yet, the main thing that sets him apart from most street style bloggers is his use of video featuring the subjects he’s captured stating what it is they are wearing.  To me, it takes everything to another level, further creating a person underneath the clothes, or at least a bit more of a glimpse as to the type of person they may be.

Everyone should be on the lookout for Adam on the streets of New York in the near future since he’s planning on making the move to the Big Apple at the end of this year.  Many thanks to Adam for chatting with us and for the amazing photo.

For the video of Reb and I describing what we’re wearing, click here: LINK

Also, be sure to follow and check out more street style shots and video at Adam’s blog, Le 21ème Arrondissement.