Does anyone remember my Audra Jean post where I mentioned my love for harnesses belts and how much I would love to see them become a new trend?  Well, during a recent browse of Fashionista, one of their contributors made a trendspotting post highlighting the incorporation of harnesses in three prominent Spring/Summer 2011 collections presented during New York Fashion Week.  Y-3, Kimberly Ovitz, and Rag & Bone all tailored harnesses to fit the overall esthetic of their collections however, each still used this accessory as one would expect, as a fixture in a much tougher or avant-garde look.

After browsing through other collections, I guess my wish has come true when it comes to their use for the upcoming season.  Out of all the Spring/Summer 2011 looks I looked through,  Temperley London’s use of harness belts by far surpasses the norm.  I love how they were incorporated into ultra feminine looks serving as more of a subtle accent that isn’t meant to overpower the clothing but rather, act as if it’s a part of the original garment.  For anyone who still questions this trend, hopefully this new view of how harness belts can be styled will change your mind.  They are just so versatile.

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More images of the collection can be found here: Temperley London Spring 2011 RTW