I am by no means the biggest Kanye West fan but I can’t deny how exceptionally talented and creative he is in whichever venture he takes part in.  On Saturday night, he debuted his film “Runaway” which features songs from his soon to be released album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and stars himself along with Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks as the fallen phoenix/Kanye’s girlfriend.

The film is nothing short of breathtaking and it wouldn’t be Kanye if fashion didn’t play a big part within the film.  The style choices used are nothing short of incredible.

The Phoenix:  Selita was the perfect choice to play this part and who else could pull off this barely there look.  The feathers and wings, the long, gold, talons, white lashes, chain headpiece.  Major props go to the stylist(s) for this one.

The white and beige dinner party:  Both the men and women alike are dressed to the nines during this segment of the film.  It is hands down my favorite part.  The layout of the room, the table setting, and the guests are all perfectly immersed in the set.  Everyone and everything are compliments of one another.  Another thing to note is that Kanye is the only one, besides the phoenix, wearing anything outside of the color palate for the party with the addition of black to his look.

The Ballerinas: Their entrance is at about 13:50 when the track “Runaway” is used.  Ballerinas dressed in black tutus serve as the dinner party entertainment.  The soloists are the dancers wearing the pink pointe shoes.  I’ll let the images speak for themselves on this one.

(all screenshots via Rogue Bicycles)

For those interested in watch the full film, which clocks in at 34 minutes and 32 seconds, here it is and I highly recommend watching it in full: