I’ve been on a quest to find something to wear to a wedding I have to attend in the coming weeks.  Out of the dresses I own, none of them seem to fit the look I want to go for at the wedding.  Since I had about an hour to kill before slurpee time (yes I am referring to those frozen, sugary beverages at 7-Eleven), I took a pit stop at Forever 21 to see if anything fit the bill.  After browsing rack upon rack of clothing that just was by no means to my liking, I came upon an amazing 70s inspired tunic and white floral skirt.  Originally I intended for them to be worn separately since I had hoped the tunic was really a dress.  Since this was not the case, I pieced the two together to create this simple look.  I didn’t end up buying either but I’m a fan of this as future outfit inspiration.  I’m hoing to find a dress like the black tunic during a thrifting adventure.