It’s been about 6 months since graduation day and this has been a question I’ve asked myself at least once a day.  What am I really doing?  I have this list of aspirations for myself yet at the moment, most of them seem unattainable resulting in a constant lack of motivation.  Anyone who knows me knows that much of my existence revolves around schedules (because of how insanely active I was) and meticulous organization but without the structure of daily classes of rehearsals, having a set day-to-day plan hasn’t been necessary.

What is it about lists and constant time constraints that makes is easier to give 110% to every task at hand?  Shouldn’t it be easier to give 110% to those goals with less things to really worry about?  Clearly this has not been the case.  As I sit sprawled upon my bed, wine glass within my reach writing this, I’ve decided I need to take a moment to remind myself of exactly what it is I’m capable of.  I’m not talking about the business aspect that ended up consuming much of my life over the past four years, I’m referring to the creative side that became overshadowed at some point down the line when stability became the name of the game.  Without further ado, my creative outlets:

Taking Photos

I am not and will never refer to myself as a photographer but taking photos has become a new hobby over the years.  Recently I’ve taken headshots for two friends of mine.  Although my Photoshop skills are a work in progress, I’ll happily give myself a pat on the back for how both of these came out.  Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to snap photos of others in the near future.  Also, be sure to click the links above each photo.  These are two exceptionally talented musicians who have big things coming their way.





Singing/Writing Songs

This was a big part of my life during junior high, high school, and much of college.  Both have always been like a form of therapy, especially during the high school years.  For people who knew me back in the day, do any of you remember Mandolyn, the short-lived but awesome music project between myself and Heather Noelle (amazing photographer btw)?  In an effort to go back to my songwriting days, a few months ago I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mark Sanderlin (pictured above) and the video below is the result of the session.

Writing in general

Most of the writing I did in the past (outside of writing lyrics) was confined to my journal.  Yes, I was and still am one of those people who keeps a journal as a way of making sense of everything going on upstairs.  During an internship at AAM, I realized how much I actually enjoy writing album reviews and with my love for fashion, it would be amazing to write more about those two fields.  Part of the reason I started this blog was to do so but most posts have generally been more picture versus text driven.  It would be incredible to give my own opinion about either of these.

So…what has been learned by all this?  Well, with this mini list of sorts completed, it’s time to really get out there and do more of each of these.  This post is quite the change from the norm on here but for anyone nearing graduation time, my advice to you is stay creative and try not to lose yourself.  Stability doesn’t always coincide with happiness.