As fate would have it, or maybe just the job hunting gods, I was recently introduced to the handbag line, Lena Erziak.  Founded by sisters Leona and Hasna Erziak in 2008 (yes, only about 2 years ago), their line has already garnered a vast amount of press coverage for its affordability when it comes to luxury products and the fact that they are Italian handcrafted using the most lavish in materials.

All of that aside, as I did my research learning more and more about the brand I thought, who is the Lena Erziak woman?  Is she a bohemian, free-spirited woman?  Is she the well-established business woman?  The glam girl?  As I perused the lookbook as well as past press coverage in search of an identity for who this woman is supposed to be, I drew somewhat of a blank.  Why?  Because of a conflict of interest.  Every site I looked at viewed her in a different way.  My end conclusion, she encompasses so many different traits and comes for so many different backgrounds.  She could also be the product of a life full of knowledge and adventure with each bag signifying a specific moment and period in her life.  All that aside, here are a few examples of the many faces that could be the Lena Erziak consumer.

The IT Girl
This made me think old Hollywood glamour.  That simple elegance.
The bag of choice, ANDY.  Blake Lively, I think this is calling your name.

Bag – Lena Erziak’s Andy
Gown- Temperley London
Shoes – Fendi
Cuff – House of Harlow

The Girly Girl
I kept picturing a girl going to a tea party or an adorable brunch date when I saw Daniel.  I kept thinking of Elle Fanning as well and her recent red carpet choices.  This would be a perfect addition to one of her future looks if used as a clutch.

Bag – Lena Erziak’s DANIEL
Dress – Modcloth
Cardigan – via Mirabella
Slingbacks – Christian Louboutin
Necklace – Amrita Singh (Please check out her site.  Great stuff and the sale is still going on now)
Ring – Amrita Singh

The Business Woman

Bag – Lena Erziak’s AL
Blazer – Topshop
Blouse – Topshop
Skirt – Karen Miller
Slingbacks – Giuseppe Zanotti
Watch – Calvin Klein

The Indie Queen
Because of my love for Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch was on the mind for this one.

Bag – Lena Erziak’s MATT
Blazer – Topshop
Dress – Modcloth
Oxfords –  Urban Outfitters

I had so many other types of women in mind while doing my research that I jotted down based on the bags but these are the few that stood out and for which I had a clear image in mind.  These are the thoughts that run through my mind when preparing for an interview.

So, what else goes into this brainstorming/interview preparation for in this case, PR related jobs?
Here are a few of my necessities:
1. Info about the company including background history and product history
2.  Who the target market and audience is
3. PR history such as what their past campaigns have entailed if there were any and where they coverage was featured
4.  Strategies for improvement (is there an area they should be hitting that has been overlooked)
5.  Ideas for future campaigns (in this instance I jotted a few down since the particular position required organizing and orchestrating lookbook shoots)
6. This in includes stuff above but bullets with what the job entails and how I’ll go about achieving them
7.  Answers to questions that could come out of left field as well as my own possible questions to ask during the interview


*Note:  I was in no way asked to plug this line.  This is my thought process when preparing for interviews but it’s usually written out in my wonderful steno pad in what looks like gibberish.  Case in point:

The circles with arrows represent the names of certain bags pointing to a description of the woman I had in my mind for them.  The above outfits are a more visual representation of them.  The breaks and boxes signify other ideas and strategies for achieving them.  Clearly, I’ve had the time while brainstorming and researching to fully plot out the above.  For anyone going through the interview process, it certainly helps to organize your thoughts no matter how insane they may appear when translated onto paper.  My one faux pas when it comes to interviewing, never really getting to discuss my ideas fully.  Hopefully this will change.