I’m constantly expressing how much I love menswear but surprisingly enough, have never done a post about it here.  What better time than now to share my adoration for the style of the opposite sex. I guess one can call me a bit vain for saying this, but one of the first things I notice about a guy is what he’s wearing.  I don’t limit myself to any particular style but it’s always interesting to see how things are pieced together.  Not too long ago, I spotted a young gentleman wearing an impeccable outfit and the one detail I distinctly remember from it were his slightly cuffed jeans so that a bit of his socks peaked out between his oxfords and pants.  That miniscule detail made the world of difference to the entire ensemble.  Enough of a difference for me to bring my boss over so we could gush about how incredible his outfit was.  This isn’t something for everyone but serves as more of an example of how much I adore the fashion of both sexes.  I’m also guilty of raiding the men’s section of stores all the time.  I can’t help that I prefer the sweaters a thousand times more.

Now that all of that’s out of the way, Velour just released preview images of their Fall/Winter collection.  I’m certainly a fan.  To my brother, the last look is calling your name.  It has you written all over it.

(images via SELECTISM)