For those interested in music, my first concert review is up on New York Noise.  Not the greatest thing I’ve written but a start to say the least.

Again, I apologize for my frequent absences over the past few weeks.  Talk about life getting more and more crazy.  As a result, I’ve decided to create a weekly schedule for myself in an effort to make my post a lot more regular and hopefully draw a few more people to this here site.  It’s about time I talked a bit about some of the clients my work represents now that full collections are out and they are certainly amazing collections.

Also on deck, finally find the time to revamp my layout the way I want but that probably won’t be for a little while longer.  All in all, thanks to anyone who still checks out my little blog and if you feel so inclined, check me out on Young & Hyp as well were I’ve been posting a little bit more from time to time.  We also need a sort out a posting schedule on there.