Why has it taken so long for me to understand the importance of having a good clutch?  Not only this, but good grief talk about a good alternative to killing ones back on the daily carrying around so many unnecessary things around.  Ladies of the world, you totally know exactly what I’m talking about.  Do you really need those extra 3 shades of lipstick on top of basically your whole collection of makeup? Or in my case, 2 extra notebooks in 2 different sizes both of which are hardly ever written in?

Well, downsizing is certainly the name of the game and currently, Rebecca Minkoff’s Cheetah Flat Clutch has caught my eye.  It’s the perfect transition piece from day to night.  I can alrdeay feel my shoulders and back breathing a sigh of relief. How great are the gold details as well?  This is yet another addition to the laundry list of things I adore but will probably never be able to own.  A girl can dream I suppose.