Clearly I’ve been on an accessories kick lately, making it extremely difficult to  resist mentioning another line that’s been on my radar.

I’m all about versatility (hence the title of this post) and being able to wear a certain item in a number of ways.  Jewelry brand Louise Manna certainly appeals to that with a collection featuring body jewelry that is not only unique, but also versatile with each piece have numerous ways to be worn and styled into an ensemble.  As the video below (featuring three pieces from her line) shows, the options range from simple to a bit more visually complex.  It’s hard to resist the Suspender Drape.  Certainly my top pick from the line.

Featured in the video is Natalie (the designer of Louise Manna jewelry) and blogger/stylist Ashley of the blog Purse ‘n Boots.  If you don’t follow her blog, be prepared to envy her boho, 70s style as well as long for the amazing statement jewelry pieces she effortlessly incorporates into her outfits.