Hard to believe that the last “Currently On Rotation” post I did was back in February.

NEW LOOK – “The Ballad”
A recent fave and has been on repeat for the past 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to hear more from New Look.  If the rest of their music is anything like the single, I’ll officially be a new convert.

OH LAND – “Lean On Me” (live version)
String quartet.  Enough said.

KIMBRA – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live @ Sing Sing Studios)
This is just really good.

 SADE FEAT. JAY-Z – “Moon and the Sky” (Remix)
The merging of two talents who can musically do no wrong is bound to result in something amazing.  Case in point, this remix.

KATY B – “On A Mission”
Great getting ready to go out or morning get pumped for the work with a solo dance party track.

BEYONCE – “Run The World”
I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy this song…a lot.  Also, the video…SICK.  The clothing, the beginning dance segment…Get It Girl!