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The new issue of INK (entitled “The Heat Issue”) is out and certainly worth the read.  Be sure to check out my interviews with  jewelry designer Sandee Shin of Armor Jewelry (page 13) and photographer/ homie g  Heather Noelle (page 18).  Click on the cover image below to scope out the whole issue.


It’s pretty much common knowledge that I’m borderline jewelry obsessed.  No, I’m not talking in the “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sense.  I’m talking chunky, costumey, borderline tacky (but not quite) pieces that appeal to my longing to have been around during the 70s.

It should come as no surprise that the F/W ’11 collection by TOMTOM Jewelry (appropriately titled “Future 70s”) currently holds a place in my jewel-loving heart.

Favorite Pieces:

(images via TOMTOM Jewelry)

1.  Future in Retrograde Necklace (Agate)
2.  Pyramid Studder Cuff
3.  Chevron Negative Space Ring

1. Scount & Catalogue – The Libro Clutches
2. Moon & Sable – Triangle Glass Locket
3. Phoenix Botanicals – Eco Friendly Organic Lip Balms
4. Audra Jean – Clara Leather Necklace Harness Belt
5. The Generation – Eco Friendly Ballet Flats
6. Minnow Bathers – Gray/Orange Halter One-Piece
7. Bo & Bella – Silver Bunting Necklace

Two things have been on my radar as of late, anything with subtle neon accents and DIY project ideas.  One recent top contender in the neon category is Clare Vivier’s clutch pictured below.  Gotta love the single green stripe right down the middle of it.  For those looking to brighten up their accessories for summer, this gets my vote.

La Pouchette by Clare Vivier

In the DIY ideas category, the Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge takes the cake.  Get rid of the fringe and this look will easily become an instant fave…at least for me.

Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge

This has become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I found it during a random thrifting adventure months ago and couldn’t leave it behind.  It’s truly a unique piece and I’m glad I could add it to my growing jewelry collection.

If you’re still trying to figure out what it’s made out of, it’s an old fork with the prongs wrapped around a flat stone.

Clearly I’ve been on an accessories kick lately, making it extremely difficult to  resist mentioning another line that’s been on my radar.

I’m all about versatility (hence the title of this post) and being able to wear a certain item in a number of ways.  Jewelry brand Louise Manna certainly appeals to that with a collection featuring body jewelry that is not only unique, but also versatile with each piece have numerous ways to be worn and styled into an ensemble.  As the video below (featuring three pieces from her line) shows, the options range from simple to a bit more visually complex.  It’s hard to resist the Suspender Drape.  Certainly my top pick from the line.

Featured in the video is Natalie (the designer of Louise Manna jewelry) and blogger/stylist Ashley of the blog Purse ‘n Boots.  If you don’t follow her blog, be prepared to envy her boho, 70s style as well as long for the amazing statement jewelry pieces she effortlessly incorporates into her outfits.

And the obsession with harnesses continues.

I was recently introduced to Armor Jewelry and boy does this line appeal to just about everything I long for when it comes to finding amazing accents for a darker closet.  They create that perfect pop to take wearing black to another level.  Ume, Aoen, and Aime are certainly faves.

Check out some of the pieces below and if you click on the pics, they lead directly to the looks on the website.






(all images via Armor Jewelry)

Why has it taken so long for me to understand the importance of having a good clutch?  Not only this, but good grief talk about a good alternative to killing ones back on the daily carrying around so many unnecessary things around.  Ladies of the world, you totally know exactly what I’m talking about.  Do you really need those extra 3 shades of lipstick on top of basically your whole collection of makeup? Or in my case, 2 extra notebooks in 2 different sizes both of which are hardly ever written in?

Well, downsizing is certainly the name of the game and currently, Rebecca Minkoff’s Cheetah Flat Clutch has caught my eye.  It’s the perfect transition piece from day to night.  I can alrdeay feel my shoulders and back breathing a sigh of relief. How great are the gold details as well?  This is yet another addition to the laundry list of things I adore but will probably never be able to own.  A girl can dream I suppose.


*NOTE: If you follow Young & Hyp, this was the last fashion friday post.  I just had to repost here since I’m in love with Maryam Keyhani‘s necklaces.

Shades, shades, and more shades.  Lately, I can’t help looking at all the amazing sunglasses out right now.  From Karen Walker to the The Row, there’s been a rise in creating truly unique shades that are 100% lust worthy.

One new brand/collection that’s caught my eye is that of Anna-Karin Karlsson.  Talk about a cat eye.  Her first collection of sunglasses is both whimsical while being on trend.  She even has a pair with a cat lying on top of one side of the frames (not pictured below).  Despite how amazing they look, they do come at quite the steep cost with prices ranging from $670-$960.

If you feel so inclined, check out the full collection at The Optical Wardrobe HERE

(all images via The Optical Wardrobe)


Also on my radar, the Suno x Warby Parker collaboration slated for release this Summer.

I certainly have a soft spot for SUNO and can’t wait to see the three designs.  The suspense is killing me.

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