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It’s official.  I’m completely sold on what BLK DMN has going for them.  They’ve assembled a great mix of women’s clothing that is easily mix and matchable while sticking to the basics.  Every female should have a great pair of trousers, an amazing pair of jeans, and a fierce leather jacket.  I highly suggest checking out their website ( or if you’re in NY, making a trip to Pop1 (which I still need to do…eep) at 237 Lafayette St.  For the fellows, do not fret because they have some bangin menswear as well.

(images via BLK DNM)


1. Scount & Catalogue – The Libro Clutches
2. Moon & Sable – Triangle Glass Locket
3. Phoenix Botanicals – Eco Friendly Organic Lip Balms
4. Audra Jean – Clara Leather Necklace Harness Belt
5. The Generation – Eco Friendly Ballet Flats
6. Minnow Bathers – Gray/Orange Halter One-Piece
7. Bo & Bella – Silver Bunting Necklace

Two things have been on my radar as of late, anything with subtle neon accents and DIY project ideas.  One recent top contender in the neon category is Clare Vivier’s clutch pictured below.  Gotta love the single green stripe right down the middle of it.  For those looking to brighten up their accessories for summer, this gets my vote.

La Pouchette by Clare Vivier

In the DIY ideas category, the Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge takes the cake.  Get rid of the fringe and this look will easily become an instant fave…at least for me.

Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge

Black, asymmetrical, loose fit, boat neck, and shows off the legs…I think we have a winner here.
Simplicity at its finest with a pinch of drama.

Rick Owens DRKSHDW Extended Hem Tunic
Available at OAK – LINK

There needs to be a Rick Owens sample sale asap.

Why has it taken so long for me to understand the importance of having a good clutch?  Not only this, but good grief talk about a good alternative to killing ones back on the daily carrying around so many unnecessary things around.  Ladies of the world, you totally know exactly what I’m talking about.  Do you really need those extra 3 shades of lipstick on top of basically your whole collection of makeup? Or in my case, 2 extra notebooks in 2 different sizes both of which are hardly ever written in?

Well, downsizing is certainly the name of the game and currently, Rebecca Minkoff’s Cheetah Flat Clutch has caught my eye.  It’s the perfect transition piece from day to night.  I can alrdeay feel my shoulders and back breathing a sigh of relief. How great are the gold details as well?  This is yet another addition to the laundry list of things I adore but will probably never be able to own.  A girl can dream I suppose.


If you live in the NYC area and love fashion, shopping, and donating to a good cause, this is the event for you.  This Saturday and Sunday at the The Bowery Terrace in the Bowery Hotel, 60 designers have donated looks for a sample sale with all proceeds being donated to the Red Cross for Japan relief efforts.  Be sure to buy your ticket for admission at and even if you can’t attend, you can make a general donation at the website.

After weeks of speculation over what female celebs will be wearing to the Academy Awards, we have finally gotten our answers.  Despite some questionable choices, these for me were the best dressed of the night.  If Mila Kunis isn’t in the top 5 of just about every best dressed list, I will be quite surprised.

Honorable mentions go to Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture and Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang.

On a side note, Kaufman Franco also had the pleasure of dressing two people this year.  Yay!  They happen to be one of the clients my work represents with so many celebs who have rocked their dresses from the likes of Halle Berry to Taylor Swift.  For the Oscars, Good Morning America Anchor Erin Andrews looked stunning in her Kaufman Franco Dress as well as model Camila Alves (aka Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend/baby mama).  She has certainly been getting a lot of approval for the dress which isn’t surprising since she looked amazing in it.

(all images via OMG)

On a side note, did anyone else find the ceremony this year incredibly awkward?  James Franco was pretty much out of it the whole time and although I like Anne, I just wasn’t a fan of the two of them hosting.  Billy Crystal during his few minutes on stage basically made up for all the time they spent hosting.  Harsh but true words.

I can’t help posting almost every look from Steven Alan’s Fall 2011 line.  It has everything plus more for both males and females while catering to the young professional.  I am certainly a new fan.  Lets also take a moment to lust over the red velvet blazer and skirt.  I would be totally content having both added to my wardrobe at some point in time.

View the full collection HERE

I’m constantly expressing how much I love menswear but surprisingly enough, have never done a post about it here.  What better time than now to share my adoration for the style of the opposite sex. I guess one can call me a bit vain for saying this, but one of the first things I notice about a guy is what he’s wearing.  I don’t limit myself to any particular style but it’s always interesting to see how things are pieced together.  Not too long ago, I spotted a young gentleman wearing an impeccable outfit and the one detail I distinctly remember from it were his slightly cuffed jeans so that a bit of his socks peaked out between his oxfords and pants.  That miniscule detail made the world of difference to the entire ensemble.  Enough of a difference for me to bring my boss over so we could gush about how incredible his outfit was.  This isn’t something for everyone but serves as more of an example of how much I adore the fashion of both sexes.  I’m also guilty of raiding the men’s section of stores all the time.  I can’t help that I prefer the sweaters a thousand times more.

Now that all of that’s out of the way, Velour just released preview images of their Fall/Winter collection.  I’m certainly a fan.  To my brother, the last look is calling your name.  It has you written all over it.

(images via SELECTISM)

NY Fashion week is in full swing and it’s exciting seeing somes of the looks for Fall.  Although a few of my usual faves have disappointed, here are some of my favorites thus far:

NAHM is a collaboration between the Ally Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy Hilfiger) and buzzed about designer Nary Manivong (some of you may have seen the trailer for the documentary DRESSED which is centered around his life and struggle to get to where he is now in the fashion industry).  When I first heard that the line was centered around the shirtdress, I was a little skeptical about what the outcome would be.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised looking through the images of the collection and will certainly be following the this line as it progresses.

view the rest of the collection HERE

Jason Wu
I think my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this collection.  By far the strongest shown this season thus far.  It has just about everything for every female and talk about an importance to detail.  The amount of time and effort put into adding the lace details and embroidering the gowns seriously paid off.  I’m also a sucker for anything bowtie-esque.

view the rest of the collection HERE

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of minimalism.  I prefer keeping my looks simple and free of crazy patterns and prints (other than plaid since I could never part with my flannel).  The fall/winter collection from Doo.Ri is for the minimalist in everyone featuring a darker color palate that I enjoy immensely.

view the rest of the collection HERE

(all images above via

The dresses I picked below (especially the fourth) are the main reason I enjoy this collection.  The makeup and hair fit the look perfectly and the dress…gorgeous.

view the rest of the collection HERE

(images via Fashionologie)

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