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Such a great cover by the extremely talented Adele.



For anyone who has ever been interested in free running, here’s a bit more of a glimpse into it.  Talk about athletes.



Being a lover of films, it’s about time I started posting some of my favorite shorts that I’ve found or people have shared with me.  Hopefully these will be the perfect lazy sunday time waster.  Be sure to watch them in full screen mode.  So much better that way.  I apologize if anyone tears up watching Last Minutes With Oden.

Thought of You by Ryan J Woodward


Last Minutes with ODEN
 from phos pictures.




Talk about a hiatus from blogging.  Now that the craziness has subsided for at least a little bit, regular programming can again commence.  I recently moved into a new apartment in good old Brooklyn and am now on a quest for roomspiration as I slowly begin the tedious task of unpacking my .  One thing I do know is my room will be all about the minimalism.  Black & white will probably be the name of the game this time around.

As I mull over bed placement, set-up my rolling rack (which will take the place of a dresser…not sure how that will go), and start the room decorating process, here are a few images with elements that fit my vibe.  Featured in the mix is a pic from the Vogue’s feature on Erin Fetherston’s gorgeous home which just had to be used.

(images via tumblr, tumblr, Sweet Home Style,, The Diversion Project)

(images via

*NOTE: If you follow Young & Hyp, this was the last fashion friday post.  I just had to repost here since I’m in love with Maryam Keyhani‘s necklaces.

I think my jaw literally hit the floor when I saw these images.  Military inspiration at its finest. The highest praises go out to the design team over at Alexander McQueen.  You are certainly doing an incredible job of keeping Mr. McQueen’s aesthetic alive.

(all images via

Last week whie browsing my Tumblr dashboard, I came across a post by Billie Denise entitled, “Only Three: Make Up.” I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to anything related to make up but am intrigued by what products and brands people would choose if they could only get by with three things.  That being said, here are my three choices as well as those by Billie and Brittnee of Ling the L.  My three are products I use on the daily.

1. M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – Being someone with ultra sensitive skin, this is the only foundation that doesn’t make me breakout.  Believe me, I’ve tried many different brands from those found at drugstores plus Lancome, Bare Minerals, and Clinique to name a few.

2. Maybelline Great Lash MascaraI’ve been using this for years mainly because I have yet to take the time to really find a mascara I’m 100% sold on.

3. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – I recently started using gel eyeliner and I’m sold on it.  I’m hoping to find a new brand to get into but in the meantime, this will certainly suffice.


BRITTNEE’S THREE + Her Commentary

1. Revlon Brow Fantasy

2. Kat Von D liquid eyeliner – I haven’t used this yet but I hear good things and it’s what I plan on spending my Christmas Sephora gift card on. thanks auntie!

3. Benefit BADGal mascara – a Sephora employee once tipped me off that this is made by same company that makes the much loved DiorShow mascara but it’s $5 cheaper.

BILLIE’S THREE + Her Commentary

1.) Concealer: DiorSkin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer in “Honey”. I suppose I’ve stayed up late one too many nights and now this stuff has become a necessity. It immediately brightens my face and makes me look awake. I’m practically a zombie without it.

2.) Blush: Nars blush in “Desire”. Honestly I’d settle for a bronzer if I couldn’t get my hands on some blush. Anything to freshen the look of my skin and make me look “glowy” will do. I chose this blush in particular because it is a favorite of mine. It’s HOT PINK which is sort of intimidating at first glance, but if you use just a little on the apples of your cheek it’s magic.

3.) Brow Powder: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in “Ebony”. If I could only have one make up item this would be it. I literally feel naked without my brows filled in, and they’re not even sparse in the first place. It just adds this definition to my whole face that I can’t leave the house without. I’ve grown attached to the powder and brow brush method opposed to the pencil because I found it gives a softer look

If you are on tumblr, definitely follow Brittnee and Billie’s blogs and feel free to reblog Billie’s post with your three make up necessities at the original post found here: ONLY THREE

(Photos by Anairam)


Underwater photography taken to another level.  Absolutely stunning.

(all images via Zena Holloway)

I strongly advise checking out more of her photographs and films here:

2010 was a year of big changes.  I returned from a semester in London, had my first fashion based internship, graduated from college, explored more European countries, and attempted (and still am attempting) to find a spot for myself in the grownup world.  I’m hoping for big things in 2011 and with my new-found inspiration thanks to the wonderful blizzard in the East Coast, things should continue to progress.  Here are some highlights from 2010.  Cheers for a memorable year.

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