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The new issue of INK (entitled “The Heat Issue”) is out and certainly worth the read.  Be sure to check out my interviews with  jewelry designer Sandee Shin of Armor Jewelry (page 13) and photographer/ homie g  Heather Noelle (page 18).  Click on the cover image below to scope out the whole issue.


Periodically it seems as though I fall off the face of the planet/this blog without any type of warning.  This time around, it’s been for an exciting reason.  In past posts, I’ve plugged performances for Khorikos, the choral ensemble I’m in.  This week we’ve had the pleasure of going on a mini tour of sorts to perform the debut of “A Melancholy Beauty.”

It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to perform in 3 amazing performance spaces for the debut, which are The Kennedy Center in DC, Wang Theater in Boston (grew up seeing performances there), and Lincoln Center (crazy!!).

For those interested in learning more about “A melancholy Beauty,” check out these articles from The Washington Post and Boston Herald:



For anyone interested in catching the last two performances, info and tickets are available through the Song of Life Website at

Also, here are some crappy cell phone pics from the stage during rehearsal at the JFK Center in DC.  Totally had to happen. Oh my word, what a crazy week it has been.

*NOTE: If you follow Young & Hyp, this was the last fashion friday post.  I just had to repost here since I’m in love with Maryam Keyhani‘s necklaces.

It’s that time of year again.  I’ll be performing in my second concert with the a cappella group Khorikos next Wednesday.  Peep the flyer below for details and if you feel so inclined, come watch/listen to some great early music.

Regular posts to begin on a more normal basis soon.  Hello new blogging schedule.


For those interested in music, my first concert review is up on New York Noise.  Not the greatest thing I’ve written but a start to say the least.

Again, I apologize for my frequent absences over the past few weeks.  Talk about life getting more and more crazy.  As a result, I’ve decided to create a weekly schedule for myself in an effort to make my post a lot more regular and hopefully draw a few more people to this here site.  It’s about time I talked a bit about some of the clients my work represents now that full collections are out and they are certainly amazing collections.

Also on deck, finally find the time to revamp my layout the way I want but that probably won’t be for a little while longer.  All in all, thanks to anyone who still checks out my little blog and if you feel so inclined, check me out on Young & Hyp as well were I’ve been posting a little bit more from time to time.  We also need a sort out a posting schedule on there.


If you’re not totally sick of everything related to Charlie Sheen, check out the post I wrote last week on Young & Hyp as well as out first Music Monday Post and feel free to follow.  My posts on here will become a lot more regular soon.  It’s become incredibly difficult trying to juggle 50 million things all at once resulting in many things getting put on the back burner when they shouldn’t be.

On a more fashion based note, I was recently introduced to Luv Aj.  Designed by Amanda Thomas, her new spring collection is certainly a mixture of hippie chic with a rocker edge.  One of my goals in life is to find a way for myself to wear amazing statement jewelry pieces and not look silly in the process.  My rings will have to do for now.  All of that aside, here are a few images from the Luv Aj Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook.

(all images via Luv AJ)

More and more new things have continued to magically fall into my lap that are both fun and exciting to be working on.  Amongst them is the new project myself and Reb have finally launched this past week entitled, Young & Hyp.

I can’t wait to see what happens with it as the months progress.  It’ll be an exciting new project that will feature some great interviews and articles.  If interested, drop us a line at our You Hype page and tell us what you’d like us to hype about.  Also, be sure to check out our first interview with my good friend, Photographer Heather Noelle, whose photo is pictured in the above screenshot of our site.

Happy Saturday!

So…the latest issue of INK Mag is out and yours truly has an article in it.  Not gonna lie, it’s kind of exciting seeing my name credited.  I can’t wait to hopefully start contributing more to them (since they’ve now become monthly) and hopefully other online and printed publications.

This has totally become by catch phrase but 2011 is the year of new experiences and shooting for my dreams (yes, I know that last bit sounds cheesy).  Now, on to the screenshots:

Check out the full issue HERE.

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