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Happy 4th of July everyone!

(image via wikipedia)

Wishing I was lounging on the beach in one of my fave swimsuits but alas, the rooftop will have to suffice.

(left: Urban Outfitters / top: Zac Posen x Target / right: Urban Outfitters)

And just because fireworks are a big part of the 4th of July festivities, I leave you with Katy Perry’s “Firework” and for those wanting to get their dance on, Kelis’s “4th of July (Fireworks).


One day I will manage to not look awkward in photographs.  In the meantime, here’s an actual photo of what I wore to the Seychelles Garden Party last week as referenced in THIS post.  I found my ideal summer sandal there…which unfortunately wasn’t being sold during the event.  On the plus side, that 30% off discount code will be put to good use.  Lovely friends, take note of the color being worn amongst the black and grey.

Obligatory photo of myself, Reb, and Leizel checking out (or more like ogling over) a hot pair of knickers by The Loved One.

(Photos by Oh, Darling! Photography)

Here is yet another outfit approximation of what I wore to work yesterday.  I’ve been attempting to get into color a lot more lately resulting in the purchase of a purple midi-skirt for $5 last weekend.  It’s probably one of new favorite thrifting finds.  It’s comfy, high-waisted, and easy to just throw on with a pair of heels and a crop top and head out the door.

I’m also clearly obsessed with the cropped moto jacket I  found months ago at Buffalo Exchange.  It’s perfect for this springish weather we’ve been having in New York.

What I Actually Wore:  Jacket – Buffalo Exchange / Skirt – vintage / Crop Top – H&M / Heels – Trash and Vaudeville / Rings – Forever 21, Bonnaroo vendor years ago, & Asos / Necklace (none shown) – H

My ensemble was apparently decent enough to get my photo taken last night.  Can’t wait to see the awkwardness that is my facial expression when that photo is posted online.  Ick.

I feel like I’m on a roll with these outfit posts lately.  As I am still unable to take photos wearing the garments, recreating them has been a fun little test.

It was a rainly day in New York yesterday and although my outfit wasn’t the most appropriate for the weather, it was decent enough outside to take the maxi dress out for a test run.  Now I understand why people love them so much.  Talk about comfort.

The above is a rough approximation of my ensemble.

What I Actually Wore – Maxi Dress: H&M / Jacket: Buffalo Exchange / Shoes: Trash & Vaudeville / Belt: Thrifted / Scarf: Pier 1 Imports / Necklace: Miss Selfridge / Rings: H&M & Topshop

In the spirit of the insanely warm weather yesterday, it felt appropriate to bust out a bright color for the occasion.  The result was  an outfit exactly like the one below with the addition of some rings.  It’s surprising the number of comments made as a result.  People who see me regularly, do I really not wear a lot of color?

 Actually…don’t answer that.

The Weekend


Talk about a semi-boring ensemble.  I spent the whole weekend pretty much wearing this exact outfit plus my normal daily jewelry.  Not gonna lie though, it was perfect for the warmer weather we experienced here in NY.

On a side note, the best recent clothing choice I’ve made was investing in a pair of black, tapered, skinny jeans.  I swear, I pretty much live in them now.  Certainly a new staple.

This is my first outfit post of the year and I’m glad it features this outfit.  One of my many resolutions is to wear more of the clothing in my closet that I don’t normally wear hence this outfit which features a sleeveless dress I bought at Buffalo Exchange almost a year ago and have only managed to wear twice.  I fell in love with its gold buttons when I saw it on the rack.

(dress: Buffalo Exchange / shirt: H&M / skirt: thrifted / belt: gift / boots: Nine West)

The holidays are still in full swing.  Last week, Chandra of hosted a clothing drive/holiday event at the Wix Lounge.  It was a fun night full of meeting new people and great music compliments of the DJ.  Here are some of my attempts at looking decent in a photo from the event.  I will forever be exceptional at making awkward faces.


(striped top: F21 / blazer: Primark / skirt: H&M / shoes: Nine West / belt: thrifted / scarf: Pier 1 Imports / beret: H&M / glasses: London street vendor)


(images via Galo Delgado + The Photobooth Project)

For more info on the Wix Lounge, check out there website where you can find info about upcoming events.

Here’s a photobooth pic of what I wore to another random outing.  Winter for me is all about minimalism.

(hat: borrowed from my roomie / blouse: thrifted / blazer: Primark / jeans: Levis)


I figured it was about time I shed some light into what’s in my closet.

Like most girls, I’m a lover of shoes but to a certain extent.  Overall, my collection of shoes fits within the neutral category and consists of mainly shades of black and grey.  On top of that, I’m guilty of consistently purchasing similar styles of footwear which is evident in the picture below.  You’ll also notice one other fixture in every pair, laces.  Here’s a picture of the shoes that I rotate between:

(clockwise from R-L: Urban Outfitters / Nine West / F21 / Dope / Kohl’s / Converse / Converse / Converse / Thrift / Primark)

I can’t deny that I enjoy making adorable bunny ears hence all the laced shoes.  I’m also 100% an advocate for Converse.  Yes, I did intern there for a semester (which is how I acquired 3 of these pairs), but they basically helped me replace my more wornout chucks with fresh new ones.  All of that aside, here’s a mini glimpse inside my closet.

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