Such a great cover by the extremely talented Adele.



For anyone who has ever been interested in free running, here’s a bit more of a glimpse into it.  Talk about athletes.



Hard to believe that the last “Currently On Rotation” post I did was back in February.

NEW LOOK – “The Ballad”
A recent fave and has been on repeat for the past 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to hear more from New Look.  If the rest of their music is anything like the single, I’ll officially be a new convert.

OH LAND – “Lean On Me” (live version)
String quartet.  Enough said.

KIMBRA – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live @ Sing Sing Studios)
This is just really good.

 SADE FEAT. JAY-Z – “Moon and the Sky” (Remix)
The merging of two talents who can musically do no wrong is bound to result in something amazing.  Case in point, this remix.

KATY B – “On A Mission”
Great getting ready to go out or morning get pumped for the work with a solo dance party track.

BEYONCE – “Run The World”
I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy this song…a lot.  Also, the video…SICK.  The clothing, the beginning dance segment…Get It Girl!

1. Scount & Catalogue – The Libro Clutches
2. Moon & Sable – Triangle Glass Locket
3. Phoenix Botanicals – Eco Friendly Organic Lip Balms
4. Audra Jean – Clara Leather Necklace Harness Belt
5. The Generation – Eco Friendly Ballet Flats
6. Minnow Bathers – Gray/Orange Halter One-Piece
7. Bo & Bella – Silver Bunting Necklace

Being a lover of films, it’s about time I started posting some of my favorite shorts that I’ve found or people have shared with me.  Hopefully these will be the perfect lazy sunday time waster.  Be sure to watch them in full screen mode.  So much better that way.  I apologize if anyone tears up watching Last Minutes With Oden.

Thought of You by Ryan J Woodward


Last Minutes with ODEN
 from phos pictures.





It’s official.  I have evolved into the world of colored nail polish that isn’t within the dark colors family.  On a whim, I decided to test out one of the new OPI shades from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection and I’m pretty much hooked.  The perfect summer shade for all occasions.  Surprisingly enough, it matches with a good chunk of my wardrobe which already makes it a winner.  This summer I’m all about the subtle pops of color to spruce up a look.  For those undecided on this shade, I give it a two thumbs up and this is coming from someone who wouldn’t dream of ever rocking a pastel green.

Talk about a hiatus from blogging.  Now that the craziness has subsided for at least a little bit, regular programming can again commence.  I recently moved into a new apartment in good old Brooklyn and am now on a quest for roomspiration as I slowly begin the tedious task of unpacking my .  One thing I do know is my room will be all about the minimalism.  Black & white will probably be the name of the game this time around.

As I mull over bed placement, set-up my rolling rack (which will take the place of a dresser…not sure how that will go), and start the room decorating process, here are a few images with elements that fit my vibe.  Featured in the mix is a pic from the Vogue’s feature on Erin Fetherston’s gorgeous home which just had to be used.

(images via tumblr, tumblr, Sweet Home Style,, The Diversion Project)

One day I will manage to not look awkward in photographs.  In the meantime, here’s an actual photo of what I wore to the Seychelles Garden Party last week as referenced in THIS post.  I found my ideal summer sandal there…which unfortunately wasn’t being sold during the event.  On the plus side, that 30% off discount code will be put to good use.  Lovely friends, take note of the color being worn amongst the black and grey.

Obligatory photo of myself, Reb, and Leizel checking out (or more like ogling over) a hot pair of knickers by The Loved One.

(Photos by Oh, Darling! Photography)

Two things have been on my radar as of late, anything with subtle neon accents and DIY project ideas.  One recent top contender in the neon category is Clare Vivier’s clutch pictured below.  Gotta love the single green stripe right down the middle of it.  For those looking to brighten up their accessories for summer, this gets my vote.

La Pouchette by Clare Vivier

In the DIY ideas category, the Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge takes the cake.  Get rid of the fringe and this look will easily become an instant fave…at least for me.

Amelie Shirt by Bec & Bridge


This post is dedicated to the modern-day definition of what vices are.  Unfortunately, most of mine happen to be of the non-healthy variety.  Although I love my fruits and veggies, give me a bag of chips, tub of ice cream, or some gummy bears and I will go to town.  

Comfort foods have been on the winning list this week…sorry spinach and carrots.  You’ll be back at the top next week once the stress of apartment hunting has subsided.

Last week was full of fun, random events as well as some unexpected photo-ops.  I also discovered how much I appreciate moustaches.

Seychelles Garden Party

Life After College Book Launch Party hosted by NY Creative Interns

Brooklyn Winery

Lastly, because the mini theme of this post is moustaches, here’s an adorable short film related to them featuring one of my favorite actors from Mad Men (no it isn’t Jon Hamm).

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