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Rapha Continental – The Movie by RAPHA
I would love to do this one day.

“Use Somebody” by Inti Calfat
A great cover of “Use Somebody” is used in this film.


A Love Story…In Milk by Catsnake
Cute, sad, and has a good message at the end.

Princeton Feat. Active Child – “The Electrician” by Hit City USA
Be warned, there is some violence at the end of this.


Being a lover of films, it’s about time I started posting some of my favorite shorts that I’ve found or people have shared with me.  Hopefully these will be the perfect lazy sunday time waster.  Be sure to watch them in full screen mode.  So much better that way.  I apologize if anyone tears up watching Last Minutes With Oden.

Thought of You by Ryan J Woodward


Last Minutes with ODEN
 from phos pictures.




It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video. A friend of mine sent this to me and it is really well done. It’s a short film by Julien Mokrani and Samuel Bodin based on Batman. “Our Batman is not human”, Julien explained, “he’s a shadow, he wants revenge. His figure is very sharp, vampire-like and rough. The only thing you will recognize from Nolan’s Batman is his deep and rough voice”.

Batman : Ashes to Ashes HD

I hope this is good. Rupert also looks quite attractive.

This is going to be AMAZING! Goodness how I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp can do no wrong.

Pitchfork photos coming within the week.

I’ve done a poor job of trying to make frequent posts. School has become very stressful and busy full of homework, papers, projects, meetings, and my London application. Thankfully, I finally completed my application so that is one thing off the long list of things to do. I’ll close this with these two photos I found of Kiera Knightley from the new movie she’s working on called The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers . It looks quite interesting.

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