I figured it was about time I shed some light into what’s in my closet.

Like most girls, I’m a lover of shoes but to a certain extent.  Overall, my collection of shoes fits within the neutral category and consists of mainly shades of black and grey.  On top of that, I’m guilty of consistently purchasing similar styles of footwear which is evident in the picture below.  You’ll also notice one other fixture in every pair, laces.  Here’s a picture of the shoes that I rotate between:

(clockwise from R-L: Urban Outfitters / Nine West / F21 / Dope / Kohl’s / Converse / Converse / Converse / Thrift / Primark)

I can’t deny that I enjoy making adorable bunny ears hence all the laced shoes.  I’m also 100% an advocate for Converse.  Yes, I did intern there for a semester (which is how I acquired 3 of these pairs), but they basically helped me replace my more wornout chucks with fresh new ones.  All of that aside, here’s a mini glimpse inside my closet.