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It’s official.  I’m completely sold on what BLK DMN has going for them.  They’ve assembled a great mix of women’s clothing that is easily mix and matchable while sticking to the basics.  Every female should have a great pair of trousers, an amazing pair of jeans, and a fierce leather jacket.  I highly suggest checking out their website ( or if you’re in NY, making a trip to Pop1 (which I still need to do…eep) at 237 Lafayette St.  For the fellows, do not fret because they have some bangin menswear as well.

(images via BLK DNM)


It’s that time of year again.  I’ll be performing in my second concert with the a cappella group Khorikos next Wednesday.  Peep the flyer below for details and if you feel so inclined, come watch/listen to some great early music.

Regular posts to begin on a more normal basis soon.  Hello new blogging schedule.

There are a lot of new things in the works that I’m really excited to be sharing soon with those of you who still read and follow my blog.  Before I can spill the beans just yet, I will say, part of it resulted in this picture being taken of myself and the lovely Reb Carlson who will be my partner in crime for a new venture.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Sinding of the Seattle-based blog, Le 21ème Arrondissement.  I had been following his blog for a few months and upon reading about his upcoming trip to New York, I jumped at the opportunity to set up a meeting of sorts to chat a little bit about what he does.  Our discussion ranged from such topics as the differences between New York and Seattle, fashion trends, coffee, and his blog.  For those who haven’t checked his blog out yet, the main thing that sets him apart from most street style bloggers is his use of video featuring the subjects he’s captured stating what it is they are wearing.  To me, it takes everything to another level, further creating a person underneath the clothes, or at least a bit more of a glimpse as to the type of person they may be.

Everyone should be on the lookout for Adam on the streets of New York in the near future since he’s planning on making the move to the Big Apple at the end of this year.  Many thanks to Adam for chatting with us and for the amazing photo.

For the video of Reb and I describing what we’re wearing, click here: LINK

Also, be sure to follow and check out more street style shots and video at Adam’s blog, Le 21ème Arrondissement.

Most people probably don’t know this but I am a huge fan of SUNO from the moment I was first introduced to the line about a year ago.  Although I hardly ever wear traditional African attire, which is a staple at most or all family functions, SUNO has always taken these prints and created pieces that are perfect for everyday wear.  Although I’m more partial to the Fall 2010 RTW collection, the Spring 2011 ready-to-wear looks still incorporate African fabrics in a very modern way.

(all images via

…another paper fashion in the window of Arche Shoes.  I love the pleats, collar, and red buttons to accent the whole look.  Please disregard my bright, neon green umbrella reflected in the glass.

For all the New Yorkers who have not heard about this, you’re welcome.  Who wants to check it out with me?

(flyer via

I wore this to the Vice party last week on Franklin Street.  Boy was it hot inside the location for it.  Again, excuse the facial expression.  I call this the “it’s so hot and humid in here face.”

(romper: thrift / vest: Marshalls / belt: thrift / shoes: thrift / headscarf: thrift)

A little bit of watercolor can spruce up what was quite the drab looking skirt.  I spotted this on my recent visit to the thrift store around the corner from where I work.  Possible future DIY project?  I’m gonna go with a yes on that.

I pass by these “Paper Fashions” almost every single day during my walks before work.  After weeks of contemplating taking pictures of them, I finally got around to doing so using my trusty cell phone.  It’s hard not to stop and look at them in passing, which I am guilty of doing repeatedly in an effort to examine some of the details in each dress and also fawn over how amazing the ones by Frank Tell and Rubin Chapelle are.  At first glance, it’d he hard to tell both are made out of paper.

If anyone is interested in seeing any of these in person, the window display is located on the SW corner of 74th and 3rd.

“Lola” By Maria Pinto 2009

(Made with Japanese handmade paper)

“Tsubasa” by Frank Tell 2009  //  “Untitled” by Rubin Chapelle

(Made with silver paper   //   Made with valium paper strips)

With my crazy work schedule, I hardly get the opportunity to go out with friends during the weekend unless I force myself to do so.  This past weekend was a rare exception since I made sure to request the day off in order to celebrate my friend Sara‘s birthday.  Twas a fun day/evening and me being me, I needed an excuse to wear my crushed velvet looking skirt for the festivities irregardless of whether or not it was too dressy for the occasion.

What I wore (excuse the awkward face):

(top: Forever 21 / skirt: Topshop / shoes: random store in London / headscarf: thrifted / belt: thrifted / necklace: H&M)

I also had the pleasure of helping Sara pick out an ensemble the festivities.  I applaud all of the stylists out there because dressing other certainly takes a lot of skill.  After sifting through her closet and putting a few looks together, the final outfit was 100% her making it a success in my book.

What she wore:

Two more from the night:

Overall, it was a good night full of hanging out with friends, a bit of a nostalgic moment complete with live music circa the high school days, and random conversations with strangers.

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