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If you are one of the few who work with me, you’ve probably heard be bring up at one point or another the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes from her last collection and my longing for them.  Well lo and behold, look what has finally gone on sale…

Looks like the lusting will soon end.  Very rarely do I actually purchase things on my lust list but based on how long and how often I’ve looked at these shoes, it’s about time to take the plunge.  Now for the hard part…which pair to actually get with those hard-earned dollars.



I think I’m having a shoe moment.  Sometimes in my post friday night morning haze, I lounge around pumping the jams while doing the occasional online browsing to see if anything catches my attention.  Well, I’ve written about Aldo before but good grief. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die.”  These shoes certainly aren’t for everyone but how perfect are they for spring and summer? Looks like 2 new things to add to the wishlist.  Thank goodness my birthday is coming up soon.


ALDO FORWOOD in Medium Green and Turquoise – $90

I figured it was about time I shed some light into what’s in my closet.

Like most girls, I’m a lover of shoes but to a certain extent.  Overall, my collection of shoes fits within the neutral category and consists of mainly shades of black and grey.  On top of that, I’m guilty of consistently purchasing similar styles of footwear which is evident in the picture below.  You’ll also notice one other fixture in every pair, laces.  Here’s a picture of the shoes that I rotate between:

(clockwise from R-L: Urban Outfitters / Nine West / F21 / Dope / Kohl’s / Converse / Converse / Converse / Thrift / Primark)

I can’t deny that I enjoy making adorable bunny ears hence all the laced shoes.  I’m also 100% an advocate for Converse.  Yes, I did intern there for a semester (which is how I acquired 3 of these pairs), but they basically helped me replace my more wornout chucks with fresh new ones.  All of that aside, here’s a mini glimpse inside my closet.

Dear Aldo,

When did you suddenly start to create amazing shoes?  I remember the days when I’d walk into your store and be disappointed by what I saw and now, I can’t help but yearn for almost every pair.  Your Fall 2010 campaign featuring Jessica Stam is incredible and the shoes…oh the shoes are just to die for.  You have made me a fan of your brand.

Your new convert,

~The Big Brown Bag






As some of you may know, this past spring, I had the pleasure of interning at Converse for the semester.  During my time there, I handled the shoes for the first collaboration between Converse and Missoni.  Well it’s now nearing fall and Converse and Missoni have again teamed up to create some All Stars for the season.  All I can say is that I’m 100% sold on these and would love to add a pair of these to my growing collection of chucks.  Even through the use of basic colors, the shoes still portray the Missoni esthetic combined with a signature Converse shoe.

(images via Nylon)

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