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Happy 4th of July everyone!

(image via wikipedia)

Wishing I was lounging on the beach in one of my fave swimsuits but alas, the rooftop will have to suffice.

(left: Urban Outfitters / top: Zac Posen x Target / right: Urban Outfitters)

And just because fireworks are a big part of the 4th of July festivities, I leave you with Katy Perry’s “Firework” and for those wanting to get their dance on, Kelis’s “4th of July (Fireworks).


Shades, shades, and more shades.  Lately, I can’t help looking at all the amazing sunglasses out right now.  From Karen Walker to the The Row, there’s been a rise in creating truly unique shades that are 100% lust worthy.

One new brand/collection that’s caught my eye is that of Anna-Karin Karlsson.  Talk about a cat eye.  Her first collection of sunglasses is both whimsical while being on trend.  She even has a pair with a cat lying on top of one side of the frames (not pictured below).  Despite how amazing they look, they do come at quite the steep cost with prices ranging from $670-$960.

If you feel so inclined, check out the full collection at The Optical Wardrobe HERE

(all images via The Optical Wardrobe)


Also on my radar, the Suno x Warby Parker collaboration slated for release this Summer.

I certainly have a soft spot for SUNO and can’t wait to see the three designs.  The suspense is killing me.

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